• 60/40 Solder
      Both lead-free and lead-bearing solders
    • Super Missileweld
      Cut lengths, spooled wire and coil options
    • Preforms & Rings
      Custom shapes and sizes for any manufacturing application
    • Harris 0
      Filler metals for Copper, Brass, Aluminum & Steel
    • Straight Line Cutting Machine
      Innovative machines for cutting applications
    • Model 25
      Pressure & flow control for welding, cutting & allied processes
    • Equipment Accessories
      Accessories for welding, cutting, brazing and allied processes
    • Model 301
      Pressure regulation, flow control and accessories for medical applications
    • Model HP742
      Pressure and flow control for laboratory, laser, and high purity gas applications
    • 6290 Tips
      Tips, mixers and tubes for cutting, welding, brazing and heating
    • Model 85
      Torches for cutting, welding, brazing & heating