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Our Harris specialty gas team has built thousands of turnkey solutions for our customers. Read more about one of our client success stories.

Customer had a critical CO2 application with limited wall space. They need uninterrupted gas supply with telemetry system for remote web-based monitoring. System must be designed to prevent the formation of dry ice to insure gas flow is not shut down. Customer also wanted to install 8 cylinders to make the gas supply last at least 10 days.

Harris designed an 8-cylinder manifold system utilizing the model 960 fully automatic changeover. We added external telemetry to monitor right side, left side and also delivery pressures. The telemetry system will send alerts to the user when conditions reach critical levels. We installed heaters on the manifold that are thermostat controlled to prevent the formation of dry ice. Because of the limited wall space, we configured the manifold with staggered headers underneath the box so that it would fit in a 3 foot space. TIME TO COMPLETE – 20 DAYS.

Why Choose a Specialty Gas Delivery System

When gases are used in significant volumes, a centralized gas delivery system is a practical necessity. A well-conceived delivery system will reduce operating costs, increase productivity and enhance safety.


Additionally, a centralized system will allow the consolidation of all cylinders into one storage location. With all the cylinders in one place, inventory control will be streamlined and cylinder handling will be simplified and improved. Gases can be separated by type to enhance safety. The frequency of cylinder change outs is reduced in a centralized system. It is achieved by connecting multiple cylinders to manifolds in banks in such a way that one bank can be safely vented, replenished and purged while a second bank provides continuous gas service. This type manifold system can supply gas to multiple applications and even entire facilities, eliminating the need for separate cylinders and regulators for each point of use.




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