It’s All About Education

Safety is all about education. Education yourself about the important safety information when using oxy-fuel equipment by downloading our free 12-page Safety Guidelines. It provides a basic understanding of the elements involved in the different oxy-fuel processes and offers guidelines for the safe and proper operation of oxy-fuel equipment. Topics include common situations oxy-fuel users encounter on a daily basis. These include the combustion process, types of gases and cylinders, key hazards, attaching a high-pressure oxygen regulator, safety devices such as check valves and flashback arrestors, personal protective equipment and more.


Flashback Arrestors


Safety Devices -                            They are worth it.

A flashback is an uncontrolled flame that rushes back into your oxy-fuel gas equipment, upstream of the location where the gas is designed to mix. In order to have a Flashback you must have oxygen and fuel mixed together. When you have more pressure in one gas line than the other (typically more oxygen pressure than fuel pressure) the higher pressure gas tries to run upstream into the lower gas pressure line. Check Valves on your torches or in your Flashback Arrestors prevent this from happening. If left unchecked Flashbacks can cause catastrophic failure of hoses, regulators and even compressed gas cylinders. Harris offers a complete line of safety devices for oxy-fuel processes.

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