65 Nickel Electrode
7018, 7018AC Mild Steel Electrodes

HARRIS® Alloy 65 Nickel-Iron Electrode


HARRIS® Alloy 65 nickel iron electrode 1/8 X 14 tube POP


HARRIS®65 nickel Iron electrode is a premium nickel-iron alloy electrode (AC-DC). For gray and alloyed cast iron. 65 Nickel is for the repair of all types of cast iron. It yields dense, strong, yet totally machinable deposits. It is ideal for the repair of “Meehanite”, “Ni-Resist”, ductile iron and for the joining of cast iron to steel. Typical applications embody the repair of castings, housings, gear teeth, motor, machine bases, etc. Conveniently packaged for point-of-purchase display.


  • Premium nickel-iron alloy electrode used for gray and alloyed cast iron.
  • Spatter-free, high-density, ductile deposits.
  • This premium cast alloy is Ideal for repair of all types of cast iron, Meehanite, Ni-Resist, ductile iron, and joining cast iron to steel.
  • Good machinability
  • Close color match to nickel.
  • First choice for ductility
  • First choice for thick sections, but alternate choice for thin sections
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • All position welding
  • Typical applications are repairs of all types of castings, housings, gear teeth, motor blocks and machine bases, etc.


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


What's Included

  • HARRIS® Alloy 65 nickel iron electrode 1/8 X 14 tube POP

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year


General Alloys

Product Type SMAW Electrode
Alloy Type Cast Iron
Brinnell Hardness Manufactured to Harris Internal Engineering Standards
Chemical Composition Carbon 3.00-3.50%
Manganese 0.60-0.75%
Silicon 2.75-3.00%
Sulfur 0.10 max.%
Phosphorus 0.50-0.75%
Nickel 85% min.
Copper 2.5%
Aluminum 1.0
Others 1.0%
Classification Manufactured to Harris' Internal Engineering Standards
Color Good color match to cast iron
Diameter 1/8"" (3.18mm)
Material Nickel
Tensile Strength (PSI) Up to 72,000 psi


Warranty 1 Year