C-9 Standard Tip Cleaner
C-9 Standard Tip Cleaner
C-9 Standard Tip Cleaner
C-9 Standard Tip Cleaner
C-9 Standard Tip Cleaner

Model C-9 Standard One-Piece Tip Cleaner


Model C-9 standard tip cleaner for one-piece tips


Harris pocket-sized standard tip-cleaner is constructed of metal with a silver metallic/red finish. It features multiple sized scientifically-designed steel reamers housed in a case with quick-flip access. It is used to clean cutting, welding, brazing and wire-feed welder tips. Careful cleaning of welding tips assures the best welding flame and long tip life. Always use the proper type and size tip cleaner. Using the right tip cleaner does the job more efficiently, maintaining the proper gas stream, and lessening the chance of permanent damage to more expensive torches and tips.


  • Attractive powder coated aluminum case in red
  • Calibrated standard torch tip cleaner for hand cutting tips
  • Careful cleaning of tips assures best welding flame
  • Helps extend the life of tips and keeps them in good shape
  • Kit includes 13 wire cleaners (sizes #6-#26) 1" of uniform ridges with tapered smooth pilot to guide the cleaner into the tip, without damage to the tip port.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


What's Included

  • One Model C-9 Standard Tip Cleaner

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year



Product Type Tools


Warranty 1 Year