Aluxcor 4047 Aluminum Flux-Cored Brazing Alloy

Diameters / Packaging

1 ea Tube
1/2 lb Tube Flux 15.1
1/2 lb Tube Flux 15.2
1/2 lb Tube Flux 15.3
1/2 lb Tube Flux 15.4
5 kg Spool
5 kg Tube Flux 15.3
10 kg Tube/Box
10 lb Box Flux 15.1
10 lb Box Flux 15.2
10 lb Box Flux 15.3
10 lb Box Flux 15.4
10 lb Spool Flux 15.1
10 lb Spool Flux 15.2
10 lb Spool Flux 15.3
10 lb Spool Flux 15.4
.062" A4047CWA06220L A4047CWB06220L A4047CWC06220L A4047CWD06220L A4047CWA06220 A4047CWB06220 A4047CWC06220 A4047CWD06220 A4047CWA06210SP A4047CWB06210SP A4047CWC06210SP A4047CWD06210SP
.078" A4047CWA07820L A4047CWB07820L A4047CWC07820L A4047CWD07820L A4047CWA07820 A4047CWB07820 A4047CWC07820 A4047CWD07820 A4047CWA07810SP A4047CWB07810SP A4047CWC07810SP A4047CWD07810SP
1.6mm ZN98CW165SP
2mm ZN98CW20500L ZN98CW205SP
2mm x 500mm A4047CWC20500 ZN98CW20500


Flux-cored aluminum brazing filler metal for joining aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-brass or aluminum-to-copper often used in HVAC industry.


ALUXCOR® flux-cored brazing alloy provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance for joining aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper or brass. It is free flowing with unequaled capillary attraction, ductility, and penetration. Aluxcor is available in different flux combinations.


  • ALUXCOR® zinc-aluminum flux-cored brazing alloy
  • For manual and semi-automatic aluminum flame brazing
  • Flux inner core means no manual flux application is required providing significant cost savings
  • Releases designated amount of flux into capillary
  • Ensures good oxidation protection and capillary fill
  • Melting range of 1049°F - 1061°F (564°C - 572°C).
  • Non-hygroscopic, so no flux removal needed
  • Typical application is brazing HVAC aluminum components including return bends, headers, tube assemblies, and distributors.
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive.


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -