SAND CLOTH 2 YARD - 36 pack-120 Grit

Sand Cloth & Open Mesh Cloth

Brazing and soldering sand and open mesh cloth


Harris offers both sand and open mesh cloth in a variety of lengths: 2, 5, 10,and 25 yards. These cloths are a "must have" for pipe and tubing installations. They are used for cleaning, polishing and deburring copper, brass and aluminum surfaces that will be soldered. They can also be used on plastic surfaces and pipes such as PVCs. They are often for various plumbing applications.


  • Constructed from high quality materials
  • Choice between sand and open mesh cloth and various lengths
  • One year warranty

Typical Applications

  • Cleaning and polishing copper, brass and aluminum
  • Deburring copper, brass and aluminum
  • PVC and other similar pipe surface smoothing
  • Plumbing applications


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -