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Diameters / Packaging

1 ea Blister Card
4 ea Blister Card
6 ea Blister Card
25 lb Box
0.040 in (1.0 mm) 327788
0.062 in (1.6 mm) 333553 335191,335192 327793
0.118 in (3.0 mm) 327790 NICK61,331756,331762

General Lead-Free

Tin-copper lead-free low melting point and narrow melting range solder for general soldering of copper, brass and steel alloys.


Harris offers a variety of general purpose lead-free solders including Al-Solder for aluminum torch or iron, Nick and Premium Silver plumbing solders, as well as other lead-free solder selections.


  • Tin-copper-silver, tin-copper, tin-zinc, tin-copper-silver-nickel lead free solders
  • Most of these solders are 100% environmentally safe
  • Multiple uses for these solders including plumbing, aluminum alloys, torch or iron, etc.
  • Many of these solders meet the NSF guidelines

Typical Applications

  • Plumbing
  • Aluminum-to-aluminum joining


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -