Diameters / Packaging

3 lb Box
4 lb Box
5 lb Box
10 lb Box
20 lb Box
50 lb Box
.094" 015FC500POP
1/4" bare 00015910
1/4" FC 015FC90
1/4" LFB LFB-Bare 0001590
1/8" bare 00015600POP 00015605POP
1/8" FC 015FC603POP 015FC60
1/8" FC-Blue 015FC60B
1/8" LFB-Bare 00015610 0001560
1/8" LFB-FC 015FC600POP
1/16" bare 00015300POP 00015310 0001530
1/16" LFB-FC 015FC30
3/8" bare 00015A0
3/16" bare 00015810 00015805POP 0001580
3/16" FC 015FC80
3/32" bare 00015503POP 00015505POP 0001550
3/32" FC 015FC503POP
3/32" LFB-Bare 00015500POP 00015510
3/32" LFB-FC 015FC50
5/16" bare 0001595
5/32" bare 0001570
5/32" FC 015FC70

Low-Fuming Bronze

Copper-zinc-tin bare and flux-coated filler metal for braze-welding of steel, some cast iron grades, including malleable and grey iron, and joining copper.


Harris 15 Low-Fuming Bronze (LFB) copper-zinc alloy is designed for torch braze/welding. This alloy can also braze/weld steel, cast iron and copper. It can be used with a standard oxy-fuel torch. LFB is available bare or flux-coated versions.


  • Copper-zinc braze-welding bare and flux-coated rods
  • Exhibits minimal capillary action during brazing
  • Limited joint designs to lap, tee and butt joints, although butt joints require some edge preparation
  • Good machinability
  • Produces porosity-free deposits
  • Color matches yellow brass
  • Corrosion resistance is similar to most high zinc brass alloys. Care should be taken on service conditions where water immersion is involved as dezincification is a potential issue.

Typical Applications

  • Brazing steel and some cast iron grades (malleable and gray iron)
  • Joining copper


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -