FLOWMETER 55-2 He/H2 9/16-18

Model 55-2 - Flowmeter

Model 55-2 heavy-duty flowmeter for precise flow control in SCFH used in gas-shielded welding and other pipeline applications.


Model 55-2 flowmeter is designed to provide precise flow control in SCFH. It is compensated at 20 and 50 PSIG and calibrated for most common industrial gases. Model 55-2 provides accurate measurement of gas flow for gas-shielded arc welding and laboratory applications. This model features a sensitive needle valve for fingertip control and durable, easy-to-read, flow tube and cover. It is equipped with a tamper-proof, self-reseating pressure relief safety valve.


  • Brass body
  • Durable cover and easy-to-ready flow tube
  • Tamper-proof, self-reseating pressure relief safety valve included
  • Compensated at 20 or 50 psig
  • Calibrated for most industrial gases

Typical Applications

  • Gas-shielded welding
  • Pipeline applications


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -