DataSmart Model 763

Model 763 Datasmart®

Model 763 DataSmart® fully-automatic switchover manifold with telemetry


Model 763 DataSmart® manifold is a gas distribution system used to monitor, control and switch the flow of gas from bulk, cryogenic or high pressure cylinders while maintaining a settable, constant delivery pressure to the facility or process.  It consists of an electronically controlled switchover valve that can be programmed to switch over at two independent pressures depending on the input source.  The manifold offers two stage pressure control to the downstream pipeline assuring precise delivery pressure control. Designed for high purity or industrial grade gases. The DataSmart is available in both stainless steel and brass models.


  • Capable of operating with inlet pressure provided by 230, 350, and 500 PSI liquid cylinders, 3,000 PSI high pressure cylinders, or any combination.
  • Check back feature for liquid dewars
  • Economizer for reserve side liquid dewars
  • Programmable switchover pressure for both right and left side from 70 to 2000 psig
  • LCD touchscreen control with secure login to protect settings
  • Built-in, Wi-Fi-based telemetry system and data acquisition via a remote server (connection to a Wi-Fi network required).
  • Customized alerts and notifications via email and SMS
  • Optional mass flowmeter to measure current gas usage or usage over time
  • Class I, Division II NEMA enclosures
  • Outlet pressures up to 450 psi available

Typical Applications

  • Critical pressure control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Bulk gas back-up
  • High purity gas
  • Critical gas supply application


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -