8490-N Alternate Fuel Separable Brazing Tips

Model 8490

Model 8490 separable welding/brazing and heating tips. Model 8490 is for acetylene and Model 8490-N is for propane and natural gas.


Model 8490 is a separable welding/brazing or heating tip for use with acetylene or alternate fuels. These tips are manufactured using high-quality brass barstock. Model 8490-N series are designed with a counter-bored tip end for maximum performance using alternate fuels. The tips are stable over an extremely broad BTU range, thus one tip size can be used over a very wide range of joint sizes. Model 8490 tips include a special compact multi-flame heating tips that use a standard mixer and tip tube combination.


  • Separable welding, brazing and heating tips
  • Constructed of high quality brass barstock
  • Stable over a broad BTU range
  • One tip size accommodates a wide range of joint sizes
  • Counter bored tip end for maximum performance
  • Engraved with tip size for easy identification
  • One year warranty

Typical Applications

  • Metal art
  • Maintenance
  • Production Brazing
  • HVAC
  • Arts and crafts


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -