715 Electrically Heated Flowgauge Regulator

Model HP715 - Flowgauge

Model HP715 two-stage heavy-duty electrically heated flowgauge regulator for gas-shielded welding and other industrial gas applications.


Model HP715 is a heavy-duty, two-stage electrically heated flowgauge regulator. It is designed to resist carbon dioxide regulator freeze-up. It is perfectly suited for gas-shielded welding, Ph control, blanketing and purging. Model HP715 features four body ports and is available with a 200 watt 120 or 240 volt heater.


  • Chrome-plated brass body and bonnet
  • 2.5" chrome-plated brass dual scale gauges
  • One-piece encapsulated seat design with an internal filter and PTFE Teflon® seat
  • ABS plastic adjusting knob
  • Stainless steel diaphragm

Typical Applications

  • Gas-shielded welding
  • Industrial applications


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -