35350 SAFETY-SILV High Silver Brazing Alloy

Diameters / Packaging

1 ea Cup
15 toz. tube
50 toz Box
50 toz. box
1/8 in. 35618L 35650
1/16 in. 35318L
1/16" 35350
1/16" x 1toz 3531
1/16" x 3toz 3533
1/16" x 5toz 3535
3/32" 35550

Safety-Silv® 35

Silver-copper-zinc filler metal with medium melting range for brazing steel, copper and most brasses providing good ductility.


Safety-Silv 35 is a good choice for replacing the cadmium alloys. The joints using this allow are strong and ductile. The brazing temperature is only slightly higher than cadmium-bearing 30 and 35 silver alloys.


  • Lower temperature cadmium-free silver brazing alloy is only slightly higher than cadmium-bearing alloys
  • Good selection for replacing the cadmium alloys
  • Produces strong, ductile joints
  • Medium brazing temperature range
  • Produced with precise wire size and chemical composition
  • Suitable for joining steel, copper and most brasses
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -