35350 SAFETY-SILV High Silver Brazing Alloy

Diameters / Packaging

50 toz Box
50 toz. box
50 toz. tube
1/16 in. 38T350 38T336L
3/32 38T550

Safety-Silv® 38T

Silver-copper-zinc-tin filler metal is cadmium-free with good flow properties and excellent fillet forming qualities while producing high strength ductile joints for brazing ferrous and nonferrous metals.


Safety-Silv 38T combines excellent fillet-forming characteristics with good flow properties. The addition of a small amount of tin endows this alloy with qualities normally associated with alloys containing great quantities of silver.


  • Economical, cadmium-free, replacement for higher silver content brazing alloys.
  • Good flow properties and excellent fillet forming qualities
  • High strength ductile joints
  • Brazes ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -