Diameters / Packaging

15 toz. tube
50 toz Box
50 toz. box
50 toz. tube
1/16 in. 40T318L
1/16" 40T350
3/32 in. 40T518L 40T550 40T536L

Safety-Silv® 40T

Silver-copper-zinc-tin filler metal has good flow properties and a melting range where part clearance cannot be tightly controlled for brazing copper, brass and steel.


Safety-Silv 40T is similar to Safety-Silv 38T in its ability to form fillets and maintain good mechanical properties.


  • General purpose, cadmium-free, silver brazing alloy
  • Melting range is ideal when part clearance cannot be tightly controlled
  • Tin addition reduces the melting temperature to allow a slightly lower silver content
  • Good flow characteristics
  • Provides cost-savings opportunity when compared to 45% silver alloys
  • Designed to braze copper, brass and steel
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -