Safety-Silv 56FC High Silver Brazing Alloy
56FC High-silver Flux-coated Brazing Alloy
56FC High-silver Flux-coated Brazing Alloy

Diameters / Packaging

1 ea Cup
1 ea Jar
1 ea Tube
1 lb Tube
4 ea Jars/Box
4 ea Tubes/Box
25 toz Cup
50 toz Box
1/16" 56F3184 56F318L 56325 56350
1/16" x 1toz 5631
1/16" x 3toz 5633
1/16" x 5toz 5635
1/16"x 18" 3-stick POP 56F318MPOP
1/16"x 18" 5-stick POP 56318LMPOP
1/32" 56150
1/32" x 1toz 5611
1/32" x 5toz 5615
3/32" 56F5184 56F518L 56550
3/64" 56250
Kit 56K

SAFETY-SILV® 56FC High Silver Brazing Alloy


SAFETY-SILV® 56 flux-coated high silver brazing alloy 1/16 X 18 X 4oz tube.


SAFETY-SILV® 56 flux-coated is a cadmium-free high silver filler metal that produces premium-quality brazes. It is free flowing with unsurpassed capillary attraction and deep penetration with high ductility. Its excellent fluidity promotes braze penetration. SAFETY-SILV®◦ 56 has a narrow melting range and the lowest melting temperature of all the high silver brazing filler metals. This filler metal offers good fluidity and joint strength. Used to braze copper, brass, steel, stainless steel and some nickel alloys. The silver deposit color is a good match for stainless steel and silverware applications and is suitable for use in the food processing industry. Close tolerances are recommended; 0.002 – 0.005” for best performance. Certified to NSF Standard 51.


  • High silver cadmium-free brazing alloy
  • Produces premium quality brazes
  • Free-flowing with unsurpassed capillary attraction
  • Deep penetration with high ductility
  • Excellent fluidity promotes penetration
  • Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for food eqiupment materials
  • Silver color is excellent match for stainless steel and silverware applications
  • Flux coated (the flux is on the wire) eliminating manual flux application
  • Ideal for brazing stainless steel for food service industry
  • Conforms to the EU RoHS directive


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year