Diameters / Packaging


2 lb. spool
3 lb Box
3 lb. box
4 lb. box
10 lb. box
10 lb. Box
10 lb. spool
30 lb. spool
50 lb Box
500 lb. drum
.035 in. 00SIBF2 00SIBF5 00SIBF8 00SIBF5D
.045 in. 03SIBH0 00SIBH8 00SIBH5D
0.025 in. 00SIB15
0.030 in. 00SIBE5,00SIBE8
1/4 in. 03SIB90
1/8 in. 03SIB601POP 03SIB60
1/8" 03SIB603POP
1/16 in. 03SIB30,03SIB303POP 03SIB301POP
1/16" A3SIB30
3/16 in. 03SIB80
3/32 in. 03SIB50,03SIB501POP 03SIB503POP
3/32" A3SIB50
5/32 in. 03SIB70

Silicon Bronze

Copper-silicon alloy GMAW (MIG)/GTAW (TIG) is used to weld similar composition base metals of steels and cast iron-to-copper, brass and bronze. Frequently used for "brass welding" of galvanized and coated sheet steel.


Silicon Bronze (SIB) copper-silicon alloy is used to weld similar composition base metals, brass, and to weld these copper alloys to steel. Silicon bronze is also frequently used for “braze welding” of coated sheet steels. SIB is available for both GMAW (MIG) and GTAW (TIG) welding processes.


  • Silicon bronze alloy for welding base metals of steels and cast iron to copper, brass and bronze
  • Also used to weld galvanized steels
  • Frequently used for GMAW "braze welding" of coated sheet steels
  • Can be used in all welding positions
  • Embossed with model number on each end for easy identification after use

Typical Applications

  • Welding base metals of steel and cast iron to copper, brass and bronze.
  • Welding galvanized steels.


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -