Model ST Single Torch

Model PF2 Perfect Flame Complete System

Models PF2ST CE and PF2MT CE single and multiple torch systems are designed to allow the use of pre-saved flame settings when and where needed.


The Perfect Flame complete system utilizes technology to ensure quality and consistency throughout the process. It features built-in software that analyzes the flame of any operator, measuring chemistry, flow rates, temperature, BTU and flame types. The data is stored for analysis and future use, consistently producing the ideal production flames needed for each application. These saved flames can be reproduced anywhere a Perfect Flame is being used, so all operators are using the same flame and producing the same perfect results. Each model of the Perfect Flame has a kit option available with a valveless torch handle. There are three kits available for each model of Perfect Flame – Model 50-10 (A fittings), Model 50-10 (B fittings) and Model 15 (A fittings).


  • Flame control and standardization – Multi-tier security features allow management to lock settings in, to produce a consistent flame from operator-to-operator, shift-to-shift and location-to-location.
  • 100% factory tested for quality and reliability
  • Products constructed from high quality materials for longer service life
  • One year warranty

Typical Applications

  • High production brazing applications
  • Multiple operations with consistent results


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -