W1060303POP 1/16" X 36" X 3LB TIG ROD

Diameters / Packaging

1 lb Hanging Tube
3 lb Box
5 lb Box
10 lb Box
10 lb. box
12 lb Box
50 lb Box
50 lb. box
1/8 in. W106060
1/8 in. Unstamp W106060U
1/8" W1060600POP W1060605POP W1060610 W1060603POP
1/16 in. W1060310 W106030
1/16 in. Unstamp W106030U
1/16" W1060300POP W1060305POP W1060303POP
3/32 in. W106050
3/32" W1060500POP W1060503POP W1060505POP W1060510
5/32" W1060710 W106070

W1060 (RG-45)


W1060 (RG45) GTAW (TIG) oxy-fuel solid copper-coated, low carbon steel rod provides good ductility and machinability for welding mild and low carbon steel, automotive repair parts and ornamental art.


W1060 is a copper-coated, low carbon steel rod that is widely used on mild steel. It offers good ductility and machinability.


  • Solid wire used for oxy-fuel and GTAW (TIG) welding on clean base metals.
  • Copper coated, low carbon steel, gas welding rod that is widely used for oxy-fuel welding on mild steel.
  • It has good ductility and good machinability.
  • Produces high quality welds that are ductile and porosity-free.
  • Can be used on steel plate, sheet and pipe where high strength is not required
  • No flux required but "puddling" of the molten metal will bring any sale or impurities to the surface.
  • Conforms to AWS A5.2 R45.

Typical Applications

  • Low carbon steel
  • Automotive repair
  • Ornamental art


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -