Harris Products Group Brazing Workshops

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The brazing process requires skilled technicians with proper techniques for a successful operation. Training on this process can eliminate and prevent the failures that result in unnecessary expenses. Training on safe brazing techniques will also avoid costly medical expenses for injured operators. Harris Brazing Workshops provide an opportunity to implement exceptional brazing techniques to your application. 

Through partnership with the Harris Products Group, this training program will substantially lower your costs. This will lead to safer techniques, more efficient technicians, process improvements, and documented cost reductions. 

Our Mason Brazing Workshop is a two day hands on "Train-the-Trainer" event led by Harris Professional staff at our headquarters in Mason, Ohio. These workshops are limited to 15 people to maximize the training experience.

Who: Operations, Quality, Safety Staff, Engineering, Trainers
Where: Our manufacturing facility in Mason, Ohio. Our lab is equipped with everything you need to perfect the brazing process.
Cost: $1250/attendee


  • Conceptual learning to understand the importance of brazing techniques - practiced in the hands-on training
  • Hands-on braze training to apply topics learned from conceptual training
  • Includes gas apparatus safety training and testing of proper brazed joints
  • Plant tour of the Mason, Ohio facility
  • Creates an opportunity for an on-site Documented Cost Reduction Audit

We also offer customized training solutions that are crafted towards the needs of your organization. 

Please note: to maximize the training experience, Mason Brazing Workshops are limited to 15 people. Accommodation of training date requests will depend on availability.