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Port-A-Torch HVAC Outfits Offer the Ultimate in Portability

Mason, OH
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With the Port-A-TorchÒ deluxe kit from Harris Products Group, an HVAC contractor can easily carry oxy/fuel equipment needed for brazing, welding and cutting. Port-A-Torch comes in a rugged, molded plastic carrying case with a number of package options. All packages include a brass torch handle, two Harris gas regulators, welding and brazing tips, hoses, a striker and glasses.

The outfits are designed to carry one MC acetylene cylinder and one 20 cu ft oxygen cylinder. (Packages are available with or without the cylinders.) There is a 7-year warranty on the Harris regulators and a 1-year warranty on all other components. The torch handles and regulators in the packages have standard industry connections.

The standard outfit is capable of cutting up to a 1" plate and welding up to a 1/16" plate, but it can also cut up to a 4" plate and weld up to a 1/2" plate with optional larger tips and larger acetylene cylinder.

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