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Brazing Alloys

Harris manufactures brazing alloys using the purest base metals to offer excellent mechanical properties. Our portfolio includes phos coppers,
high silver and aluminum alloys. These alloys are available in rods, solid wires, flux cored and flux coated, and rings in both imperial and metric sizes.


Phos Copper Alloys

Alloys from 0% - 18% silver content. AWS BCuP classification. Used for copper - to - copper joints and for copper to brass joints.

• Precise melting range - no temperature adjustments needed from one batch to the next.
• Guaranteed liquidus temperature variation of no more than 6 f / 3.3 c
• A much tighter standard than industry requires!

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High Silver Alloys

Alloys from 18% - 99.9% silver content. AWS BAg classification. Used for
copper to steel, steel to steel, and brass to steel joints.

• A complete line of cadmium-free, high-silver brazing alloys.
• Only pure base metals used.
• Precision production procedures ensure consistency in product quality,
composition, chemistry, dimension, and performance.

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Aluminum Alloys

Pure 4047, 78/22, 98/2. Use for aluminum-to-aluminum joints and for aluminum-to-copper joints.

• Aluminum components are becoming more prevalent in the industry.
• Harris produces a line of aluminum alloys to help meet
  customer requirements.

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Choosing the right brazing alloy

Choosing the right brazing alloy and the right amount for your application depends on several factors, including base
materials being brazed, clearance of parts, service conditions, brazing temperature, and alloy cost.

Brazing Equipment and Accessories

For a job well done, every time, you can trust Harris to provide equipment that works as hard as you do. Manufactured in the USA, Harris offers a variety of air/fuel and oxy/fuel torches, handles and kits. Whatever the brazing job, we have the complete line of equipment and accessories to meet your needs.

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Helpful Brazing Tips

Use these proper techniques for leak-proof brazed connections

CLEANING - This is an easy step to overlook, especially on new installations. Contaminants such as dirt, oil, or heavy surface oxide will inhibit wetting. Always wipe parts and then use a stainless-steel wire brush to remove the oxide layer.

FLAME ADJUSTMENT - Flame settings depend on the type of heat source. For oxy- acetylene, a neutral flame is recommended. Avoid using a flame with excessive oxygen because the flame chemistry increases surface oxides and inhibits metal wetting.

HEATING - Incorrect heating is the primary reason for poorly made joints. Adequate joint strength and ductility depend on pulling the molten braze filler metal into the connection.

FLUX - When brazing copper or brass a flux is required to reduce surface oxides, protect the base metal during heating and reduce filler metal surface tension. Flux should be sparingly used and applied with a brush.

Instructional Videos

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NATE-Certified Training

Harris offers NATE certification for brazing. The training course is free for participants who register through a Harris wholesaler.

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HVAC Tchnician Repairing Line

HVAC/R Plumbing Catalog

Harris offers the most complete line of brazing and soldering products in the world. Harris is the world leader in developing brazing and soldering products to meet the industry needs for metal joining methods. We have developed proprietary manufacturing technology to ensure the highest standards of quality and traceability.

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OEM Solutions

Original equipment manufacturers trust Harris to provide the industry’s best brazing alloy, equipment and fabricated parts. Industries served include:

• Residential AC
• Commercial and Refrigeration
• Appliances
• Carbide Tip Tool Production


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