Adjustable Gas Blenders

Adjustable gas blenders can be used in a wide array of applications including welding processes, packaging and food service.  These gas blenders are designed to create a custom gas mixture defined by the user with the turn of a single knob. Here are answers to some common questions about adjustable gas blenders.


Why would anyone need adjustable gas blenders?

Adjustable blenders do two things for gas users: They allow the mixing of shielding gas onsite, potentially saving 20% or more in gas cost, and they allow custom mixtures. This eliminates the need for multiple tanks of mixed gases.  Additionally, when pre-mixed gases aren’t used quickly enough, the gases can stratify inside of the cylinder, leading to unpredictable results.

Besides the savings of not having to purchase the gas already mixed, what are the advantages?

In addition to the complete shielding gas adjustability and cost savings afforded by purchasing the non-mixed version of the gases, gas blenders provide the benefit of the variable-ratio capabilities.  This means that users can dial in the exact mixed gas ratio that works best for their application with the turn of a single knob and will not be locked into whatever tank of mixed gases that may be on hand.

Are there more advantages?

Yes.  Neither an external power source nor separate receiver tank are required, and they require almost no maintenance. In addition, gas blenders are compact and simple to operate. 

Do the blenders take up a lot of space?

No, the compact unit weighs in at only 7.5 lbs. and uses less than one cubic foot of space.  The blenders come with a convenient mounting bracket so it can be hung securely on a wall, machine cage, or any suitable. 

What mixes are available?

Mixers can be configured for almost any combination of two technical or atmospheric gases.  Standard models include:  Argon/CO2, Argon/Oxygen, Argon/Helium, Helium/Hydrogen and Nitrogen/Oxygen.