NFPA and OSHA Compliant Safety Devices


Pipeline flashback arrestors are safety devices that are used on pipelines conveying flammable gas.  There are basically two types – hydraulic and dry type flashback arrestors.   For many years hydraulic flashback arrestors were the only type available.  Today, newer designed compact dry flash arrestors are excellent choices to replace aging hydraulic arrestors.

Unlike hydraulic flash arrestors, dry arrestors are virtually maintenance free (there is no fluid to check or refill), and are significantly more compact than the large hydraulic arrestors.  In addition, compact dry arrestors have flow rates equal to or higher than traditional hydraulic type arrestors, include check valves and ASME pipeline relief valves to meet NFPA requirements, and can be mounted in any position.

Harris offers models for acetylene up to 15 psi, LPG, Natural gas and Hydrogen up to 40 psi and even Oxygen up to 220 psi.  The oxygen device is generally only used when in close proximity to a flammable.  Need help with ensuring that your pipeline systems are compliant to NFPA 51 and OSHA?  Turn to the Pros at Harris for a free evaluation of your pipeline system.