Oxy-Fuel Cutting - Choosing The Right Tips


Most users of oxy-fuel cutting torches give little thought to the size of their cutting tips. Scrappers think bigger is better and high end production workers are more concerned with gas consumption costs rather than choosing the right tip for the job.

The truth of the matter is, tip manufacturers, such as The Harris Products Group go to great pains to size their tips appropriately; maximizing performance and speed while keeping costs down with gas consumption.

Choosing a tip that is too large or too small only results in inefficiencies and/or waste for the user. You cannot cut your 1" plate any faster if you use a tip rated for 6". Conversely, you will have to cut your 1" plate slower wasting more gas if your tip is only rated for 3/4".

Pay attention to the details in the manufacturer's tip charts. It will save you valuable time and money. Click here to see Harris charts to ensure you get the right tip for the job.