Solutions for Regulator Mounting Problems


 Mounting a regulator directly to a cylinder is the easiest and most common type of installation, but it isn’t always ideal. In some applications, such as installations with rigid outlet piping, it is impractical to disconnect the regulator from the tubing in order to change cylinders. In other situations it may be desirable to mount the regulator on the wall to minimize the risk of damage.

Changing out cylinders that are connected to hard piping systems, such as stainless steel, using Swagelok or tube fittings, it can be very time consuming. To make a cylinder change, the regulator has to be disconnected from the tube fitting and depressurized (using normal shut down procedures).  Once the full cylinder is reinstalled, you have to go back through the same procedure and hook everything up. 

A regulator mounting station allows you to keep your entire system pressurized, does not require the regulator to be removed and is very easy to disconnect and replace the cylinder. 

Harris Model SG 910 Regulator Mounting Stations provide a wall bracket with gas specific CGA connection to mount the regulator and a 36” flexible pigtail to attach to the gas cylinder. The pigtail includes a check valve at the cylinder end to allow easy cylinder change out.

You can save yourself a lot of time and money by not having to remove regulators, depressurize the system, change the cylinder, and re-pressurize.