Changing Just the Tip is Not Enough


Harris Products Group

Making the Switch to Alternate Fuel

If you are using an alternate fuel with equipment specifically designed for acetylene, you may not be realizing all the benefits of an alternate fuel. It often takes more than just changing the tip. As pre-heat oxygen and alternate fuel gas pass through a Harris high-velocity injector mixer, a homogenous blend is created. This homogenous blend allows for greater combustion efficiency. Torches without an injector mixer will never achieve this optimum performance, especially if you only change out the tip.

Here's why:

·        Injector mixers designed for alternate fuels mix the oxygen and fuel gas thoroughly for increased BTU output and maximum flame temperature.

·        Injector mixers provide exceptional flame stability. As opposed to equal pressure mixers, a minor fluctuation in gas pressure does not adversely affect flame stability and torch performance.

·         Injector mixers are easier to adjust and operate. Adjusting the oxygen valve provides more or less preheat because the injector automatically maintains the optimum oxy/fuel ratio.

·         Injector mixers can operate efficiently on fuel gas pressure of less than two P.S.I.G.  

How Does an Injector Mixer Work?

The flow of oxygen through the mixer creates an aspirating action or suction to pull the fuel gas through the mixer. Properly designed, the mixer will always pull the correct amount of fuel gas for the optimum oxy/fuel ratio. An increase or decrease in oxygen flow will automatically increase or decrease the fuel gas volume for the optimum mix and best performance. The fuel gas pressure in an injector mixer is not as critical as fuel gas pressure through an equal pressure mixer. The injector mixer is designed to work efficiently even when the fuel gas pressure available is as low as 4 ounces.

The oxygen passes at a relatively high velocity through the injector mixer creating turbulence at the mixing point. The turbulence thoroughly mixes the oxygen and fuel gas allowing for greater combustion efficiency.

Harris alternate fuel injector mixers are designed to give you the most BTUs for your dollar, higher flame temperatures and reduced pre-heat times..