What metals can be brazed?s

Harris Products Group

Many different types of metals can be brazed. Copper, and copper based materials like brass and bronze, are typically brazed with copper phosphorus silver alloys also known as American Welding Society (AWS) BCuP filler metals.

Mild, high alloy and tool steels, stainless steels, precious metals, cast iron, Inconel, Monel, nickel, carbide, as well as, copper, brass, and bronze materials are commonly brazed with silver brazing filler metals from the AWS BAg family.

Aluminum is another material that is commonly brazed, but it requires different filler metals and fluxes than those listed above.

The base and filler materials previously mentioned are the ones most commonly dealt with by Harris, however, there are other base materials like titanium, magnesium, and ceramics that can certainly be brazed.