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Theory of Oxygen/Fuel Gas Flame Cutting

Oxy/fuel flame cutting is a chemical reaction occurring between the steel and cutting oxygen stream. Understanding the process will go a long way in ensuring a quality cut.

The quality of a torch cut is determine by several factors:

• Tip size for thickness of steel
• Preheat flame setting
• Cutting oxygen pressure
• Cutting speed
• Condition of tip



Model 62-5 E&F                    Straight Cutting Torch

The Harris Model 62-5 torch is the workhorse of the Harris straight cutting torch offering. It is an industry standard by which all other designs are compared because of its ease of use, low cost of ownership, reparability and safety.

• Extra Heavy Duty - Cuts to 12”
• Equal and Injector styles available
• Solid brass forged head – available in 70°, 90° and 180° head
• Triangular tube with silver brazed, leak-tight connections
• Solid brass forged lever
• Easily replaceable mixer
• External check valves can be removed in the field to install       flashback arrestors in applicable applications
• UL® Listed

Hand cutting torches

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